our berries

We grow four varieties of strawberries, Camarosa, Ventana, Camino Real & Gaviota. These are not marketed by variety but if you look carefully you can see the difference – Camarosa are a broader flatter redder strawberry, Camino Real and Ventana are pointy heart shaped and a bit lighter in colour. 

Our strawberries are available from September through to late January every year.

We are all ‘GAP‘ certified, and follow strict guidelines for best agricultural practice.

3 Responses

  1. I spent my 1999-2000 Summer in Kumeu, Auckland. And it was there I learned that some of NZ sweetest berries – especially strawberries were available in the Auckland region. Since then, other strawberries I have purchased in other parts of NZ have disappointed me. But to my great surprise, I know now which strawberries to look for again especially one is not in the Auckland region. My wife bought a box of very very sweet strawberries from New World a couple of days ago. I tool a closer look at the box and found out that those strawberries are from your Auckland-based company. Say no more – it was the best box of strawberries after almost a decade that I have tasted. Keep on the good work.

    • Hi Oliver, Thanks for your comments, really appreciate the feedback!

  2. Thank you, Best Berries- your strawberries are fragrant and so full of flavour! From your description, they must be Camarosa. A few years ago, Pajero-labelled strawberries seemed the best but unspecified varieties have often been disappointing. Our local New World in Porirua carries your Strawbuddy brand which surpasses all others- well-worth seeking out.

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